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  • How to find your personal style?

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    Deena Appadoo

    Deena A. Guide


    3 styles

    Identify 3 people/types of people whose style you really like.
    They can be fashion bloggers, celebrities or influencers. I would advise that at least one of them should have the same body type as you. They don’t have to be similar looks.
    In my case, my 3 fashion inspiration for dressing up are:
    1. Cristal Carrington in Dynasty (The first one of course).
    This is more my inspiration for chic and dressier looks when I need to dress to impress, especially for meetings with collaborators, interviews and events.
    2. Model off-duty style
    The kind of outfits I wear on a daily basis, to run errands or for informal occasions. These include mostly crop tops, skinny jeans and blazer. Mostly styling basics together with one trendy accessory while still staying comfortable.
    3. Camila Coelho
    My favourite fashion influencer whose outfits are perfect for our tropical climate. The style is daring, sexy and with lots of colours.  This is the style which I adopt when I want to make a fashion statement(sue me, I’m a fashion designer so…). I keep this style for weekends, parties or just when I’m in the hell of a confident mood 😉


    Time to
    pin them

    The best and most accessible platform for this is Pinterest.
    Tip: Did you also know you can pin posts from Instagram to your Pinterest account?  All you have to do is click on the 3 dots on the top right of the post, choose ‘Share to…’ and choose Pinterest.
    Back to business now:
    – Go on Pinterest and create a board for each of them.
    – Search for ‘X style’ on Pinterest and pin all the looks which you like on their respective board.
    – After you’ve pinned approximately 20 looks on a board, click on ‘New ideas’ tab to see other suggestions. The more pins you have, the more accurate the suggestions will be.
    – Make notes about their style. E.g: Colours usually worn and repetitive items.  Are they more into statement jewelry or discreet ones? What is their go-to makeup look?

    Check out
    your closet

    Start categorising outfits as if you’re dressing each one of the 3 people you’re taking as inspiration.  Frequently check your boards to see if the looks you’re creating can easily blend in their respective boards.
    Tip: Hang outfits, not dresses.  It will make it much easier to get dressed when you’ve already matched the separates.

    Don’t forget shoes, bags, accessories

    C’mon, let’s not be amateurs here, you want to be put together from head to toe.
    -Quickly snap a picture of the shoes and accessories you would wear with the clothes and keep it as reference next time you get dressed.
    And voila! You’ve read the whole blog post. Just kidding, do you have more tips? Let us know, we’ll love to hear all about them in the comments.
    Deena A.

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