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  • Give-away with Lexia Lifestyle

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    Deena Appadoo
    Hello Everyone,
    Welcome to our new website! To celebrate in style, we decided to partner up with the amazing Lexia of Lexia Lifestyle.
    I know what sprung to your mind immediately : these amazing cakes which look almost too beautiful to be eaten.  I first discovered Lexia on social media through someone’s story.  If there’s anything like having a crush on cake designs, that was it for me.  I started diving into Lexia’s world of not only beautiful cakes but also healthy food and gorgeous lifestyle.  I think that if there’s one person who can match a cake to one of my designs in a creative and elegant way which is so distinctive, it is definitely Lexia.  Why look for the cake to match your clothes or vice versa when you could have them both custom-made to match each other for a birthday or special occasion?

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    We firmly believe that during these difficult and unprecedented times, entrepreneurs should support each other.  Thus our partnership will extend beyond this giveaway:
    For any order on our collections on the Deena A. website, you will benefit from Rs500 discount off Lexia’s services and cakes on her website using our special discount code which we will send you.
    For any order on Lexia’s services and cakes on her website, you will benefit from a 10% discount on the Deena A. website.

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