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    Deena Appadoo
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. Are they available in other colours?

    We will be doing more samples when our team resumes work on Monday. Our next colours will be:
    • Black
    • Nude

    2. How will I receive my order?

    We are offering free shipping by local post.  We will enquire about the lead time at the post office and keep you updated about your order.

    3. How do we proceed with payment?

    Please click on the last picture and add to cart. The best option is through bank transfer and the price is Rs500. Our pricing is in dollars on the whole website due to international orders.

    4. Is it medically tested?

    Being a small business operating on a small scale, we cannot invest in medically testing all our mask designs.  Medical testing are mostly for designs which are mass produced. However, we have made an opening in the lining fabric so that you can slide a disposable mask for extra protection.

    5. Are they washable and re-usable?

    Yes, as long as you don’t use aggressive bleaching ingredients and hand-wash it carefully due to the beaded embellishment.

    All our designs are Designed and Made in Mauritius in limited quantities.

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