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    Deena Appadoo




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    I was approached a few months ago by Patrick Hilbert to cover my collection and also a brief interview about myself.  The editorial was for a 10-page spread which showed my new collection called Sunset Jungle.

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    On sale on the website since a week, the collection is flirty with lots of ruffles and also a unique piece of mine called ‘Banyan Dress’.  We used unconventional fabrics for this design in an attempt to explore more and adopt the fringe trend in a more unexpected way.  But if you’re more into short fringes, have a look at our linen kaftan, available in both turquoise and cream.

    Also featured is our X-line backless jumpsuit in a military khaki colour (On sale on our website in stripes).  Very summery and sexy piece which is perfect for this climate.  Plus, that bum bag does make me look more prepared for a safari in the sugar fields somehow ; )

    The mustard trend is still going strong, which is why our ruffle minidress with bow cut-out is included.  A few of my followers expressed their hesitation on adopting this colour and every time I ask the same question: Have you tried it? Most of them are surprised how much this complements our Mauritian skin-tone perfectly.

    And if you are still saying ‘Eh!’, good news is, it is also available in denim here!

    We also reveal our deep-V playsuit in geometric print. If you follow our stories on Instagram, you have probably seen the jumpsuit version in teal.  P.S: Some double-sided tape on the decolleté would make you go a long way for sure… I learned the hard way.

    If you are into summery dresses though, we got you covered, well, almost… I am not a big fan of florals but elegant ones like that print can’t be passed.  The cut is flirty and cute, a style perfect for brunch or just shopping for shoes to match other outfits from our collection.

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    If you wish to read about the complete coverage of the collection as well as the in-depth interview, the magazine is on sale in all bookshops and super-markets on the island at Rs25.

    P.S: Le Defi-Life is included in the current issue of  ‘Défi-Moteurs’



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