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    Deena Appadoo

    Welcome to my website.

    I  am Deena, founder and fashion designer for the brand ‘Deena A.’ Closely linked to my personal style, my brand reflects my aesthetics; the main reason why I wear everything that I create.

    The path to having my own clothing brand is everything but conventional.  In fact, unlike most fashion designers, making clothes has never been a little girl’s dream.  Unknown to most, I was initially a management graduate who turned her love for clothes into her passion and career by changing gears in my early twenties after working at one of the top textile companies in Africa.

              After a highly acclaimed end-of-year student collection by the media, I decided to launch my clothing line ‘Deena A.’, driven by the aim of providing the Mauritian market and tourists looking for designs which are adapted to the tropical climate without falling into the stereotypes of hibiscus flower prints and dodos. Within 6 months, my designs were sold in 3 prime locations in Mauritius and also got accepted on ASOS Marketplace.

              I am solely responsible for the design, fabric sourcing, pattern making, marketing and management of the brand; the rest of my team specialises in the manufacturing of the garments under my close supervision in the atelier.

              I love to experiment with fabrics and the thrill of offering something new in terms of garment details to my clients, both local and international, is what drives me.  Engaging with my followers and allowing them to contribute to my collection throughout the design process has played a big part in my local success. When i’m not in my Atelier working on my latest collection you’ll either find me sharing and contributing to the local fashion scene as a stylist or through the local press.

              My adventurous trait also influences my favourite activities outside designing: I love hiking and snorkelling to discover new places the island has to offer.  Reconnecting with nature also gets my creative juice flowing, especially when we’re in the process of developing a new collection.  Believe it or not, scouring the international fashion shows for new trends during that period can be heavy.  So many details, so many new styles and beautiful discoveries in the fashion world leaves your mind reeling.

    I’ve found that the dealbreaker question for me has always been: Would I wear this? So far, the answer hasn’t failed me in creating designs which people can relate to.  Ok, maybe once or twice but these are hidden in my locker in my atelier away from prying eyes 😉

              I have built my brand based on quality, exclusivity and having a product Made in Mauritius.  Buying from me isn’t just about getting a product, it’s also about supporting the mauritian dream of an island girl having her own brand.

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